jueves, julio 19, 2007

La Cancion del Dia: I Feel Loved

Por Nemesis:

Una canción muy chingona del álbum Exciter de Depeche Mode, me levanta mucho el animo, sobre todo en estos momentos que estoy hasta las orejas de trabajo. Saludos

It's the dark night of my soul
And temptation's taking hold
But through the pain and the suffering
Through the heartache and trembling

I feel loved
I feel loved

As the darkness closes in
In my head I hear whispering
Questioning and beckoning
But I'm not taken in

I feel loved
I feel loved

From the depths of my emptiness
Comes a feeling of inner bliss
I feel wanted, I feel desired
I can feel my soul on fire

I feel loved
I feel loved

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